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Hi! My name is Tamera Arnold. I am 32 years old and I have taught horse riding lessons for 14 years. Working with horses and people are my joy.
While I was in the 4-H program, my leader came to me and asked if I would be interested in teaching one of our members how to ride her horse. At first I was very reluctant but I decided to try. This was the beginning of an exciting career as a teacher. More and more kids were interested and soon I was teaching 63 students.
I have loved horses all of my life. Mom and Dad bought our first horses when I was only about five years old and I have been addicted ever since. Training my own horse (Charcoal) was one of my highlights. We went through the 4-H program and made region and state various times. Many blue ribbons and prizes were won. Time went on and now I am a 4-H leader and really enjoy volunteering my time.
After graduating from 4-H I started competing in competitive trail riding. This includes riding my horse about 30 miles in one day and doing various obstacles in front of a judge. This has been really fun and challenging for me and my horse, Rubia.
I graduated from Davis High School where I took FFA and won awards. After graduating I attended Weber State University, served an LDS mission in the Dominican Republic, married in 2001 and now have two little boys. Cody is seven years old and Reggie is five years old. Most recently, we have moved to Roosevelt, UT in June of 2009
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